17 Vehicles Involved in Consecutive Collisions on the Cipularang Toll Road

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – At least 17 vehicles were involved in a collision on the Cipularang Toll Road, precisely at KM 92, Sunday (26/6/2022) night. As a result of the accident there was a traffic jam of more than 5 hours.

The collision incident was clarified by PT Jasa Marga as the manager of the Cipularang Toll Road. Through its Twitter account, PT Jasa Marga said that the handling of accidents around the Plered area to Jakarta was only completed in the early hours of the morning.

“02.09 WIB #Accident_Purbaleunyi at Plered KM 92 towards Jakarta COMPLETE HANDLING of officers,” wrote Jasa Marga’s official Twitter account @PTJASAMARGA, Monday morning.

It is not yet known the cause of the reported accident involving 17 vehicles, and whether there were any victims due to this accident.

Dozens of vehicles were previously reported to be involved in a series of accidents on the KM 92 Cipularang Toll Road towards Cikampek and Jakarta at around 21.00 WIB on Sunday (26/6) night.

Traffic accident illustration. (Photo: special)

This is widely known through the video circulating and viral on social media which shows a number of vehicles already in an irregular position with the car body crushed on the toll road.

In the video received in Jakarta, early Monday morning, police sirens can be heard and some people look quite tense at the situation.

In the video, a woman explains the accident situation, where she mentions that 15 vehicles were involved in a series of accidents and the cause was the bus failing to brake.

“Alhamdulillah, I, my father, my husband and my sister are safe. The four of us have seen the children from Bandung, Alhamdulillah, we are safe. This is a series of collisions at KM 92 with 15 cars. At first it looked like the brakes had failed and now it looks like the driver has run away. This is an accident at KM 92 in the direction of Bandung-Jakarta,” said the woman in the video who was allegedly the victim of the accident in a panicked tone.

Traffic accident illustration. (Photo: special)

It is not yet known whether there were any casualties in the incident. Likewise with the causes of accidents. However, the Bandung-Jakarta toll road, which is the location of the incident (TKP), was reported to be completely jammed for up to tens of kilometers.

From the information circulating, the traffic accident occurred around 21.00 WIB and involved 17 vehicles.

So far, the toll road security officers have not been able to be contacted, but from information, the traffic flow is temporarily diverted to the Padalarang Timur or Cikamuning toll gates for handling accidents at the location. (red)

source: CNN Indonesia

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