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Tens of Thousands of People Crowded the Lake Toba Tourism Location to Greet New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2022 kuramanime 0

JABARNEWS | SIMALUNGUN – It is estimated that tens of thousands of people packed the Lake Toba tourist site, Parapat City to witness the New Year’s Eve which was held at the Pagoda Open Stage, Saturday (31/12/2022) evening. Monitoring on the ground, the density of vehicles can be seen around the road in front of the Pagoda Open Stage which is the location for the 2023 New Year’s New Year’s Eve welcome event. Meanwhile all […]

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Friday Confide: Residents Complain about the Damaged Road in front of the Binut Police

December 30, 2022 kuramanime 0

batampos – Community figure, Sihol Sinaga, poured out his heart about the damaged road in front of the North Bintan (Binut) Police. This outpouring was expressed during Friday activities sharing with religious and community leaders at the North Bintan Police, Tanjunguban, Friday (30/12/2022) afternoon. Photo: Slamet Nofasusanto/Batam Pos. Bintan Police Chief, AKBP Tidar Wulung Dahono answered people’s complaints during Friday activities […]

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Questioning West Java Welfare Gate Rp. 1 Trillion, Ridwan Kamil’s statement can be a finding if…

December 28, 2022 kuramanime 0

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – The DPRD of West Java Province opened their voices regarding the polemic of the ‘Kesra Jabar Gate’ between the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil and the West Java PWNU regarding an aid fund of IDR 1 trillion. West Java DPRD member Ihsanudin said that Ridwan Kamil should have been wiser in conveying everything, especially with regard to data. “This is a matter of conveying the statement that it has helped Rp1 […]

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The West Java Provincial Government Doesn’t Want to Be Open about the Aid Budget for NU and Other Religious Organizations

December 27, 2022 kuramanime 0

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – The West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) does not want to open data on West Java Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) assistance, including for other religious organizations such as Muhammadiyah, Persis and others. This rejection was conveyed by the Head of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) Welfare Bureau, Barnas Adjidin when asked by JABARNEWS to open aid data for West Java NU and other religious organizations. The reason, […]