49 Cirebon Residents Become Transmigrants in West Sulawesi, Get Houses and Farm Land

JABARNEWS | CIREBON – As many as 49 people from 20 families (KK) of Cirebon Regency participated in the transmigration program in West Sulawesi.

The departure of this prospective transmigrant was released by the Regent of Cirebon, Drs H Imron, M.Ag at the Cirebon Regent’s Pendopo. Imron said transmigration participants will receive facilities that have been prepared by the government. Some of the facilities include a pool and a house.

“There is already a shrimp pond that transmigration participants can use,” he said. Tuesday (11/10/2022)

If ponds enter the harvest period, the government also cooperates with a number of entrepreneurs, to be able to buy their cultivation.

“Transmigrant participants will not be bothered if the ponds have started harvesting, the government has collaborated with a number of local entrepreneurs,” he said.

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