76 Years of Press Company Union, Collaboration Towards Indonesian Economic Awakening

batampos – Welcoming its 76th year, the Press Company Union (SPS) held a series of activities. Starting with the kick-off celebration and gathering between the press and the Press Council, in the Hall of the Press Council, Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Then the peak of the celebration will be closed in Riau, July 5-6 2022 with the big theme “Collaboration Towards Indonesian Economic Revival”.

This big theme was adopted because SPS believes the press will collapse if the business is not healthy. So collaboration between press companies and all business entities is a must. A healthy press has an important role in promoting economic revival and democratic life.

“SPS thanks the Riau Provincial Government for being willing to host our 76th Anniversary celebration. At the same time, witness the collaboration of press business actors with other business entities. At a mature age, we press entrepreneurs must be able to keep the press industry alive,” said Januar P. Ruswita, Daily Chairperson of the Central SPS.

The importance of maintaining a healthy press business has also received full support from the Chairman and Members of the Press Council for a new term, 2022 – 2025. “SPS is the backbone of this country through its role in the press. Because if there were no companies, there would be no press. Big challenges are being faced and we need to close ranks,” said the Chairman of the Press Council, Prof. Azyumardi Azra.

SPS was born on June 8, 1946. At that time, prominent figures, founders of the national press company, gathered in Yogyakarta to pledge the establishment of the Association of Newspaper Publishers (SPS). This organization is a means of struggle in defending the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia through the press. Over time, the SPS became a press company union.

The Chairman of the Press Council was present at the Kick-off of the 76th Year of the SPS as well as the gathering of the press, accompanied by the Deputy Chairman of the Press Council, M. Agung Dharmajaya, and several other members of the Press Council. Press Council, namely Paulus Tri Agung Kristanto, Ninik Rahayu, Totok Suryanto, and Asmono Wikan.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Information and Communications Office of the Riau Province Government who was present on behalf of the Governor of Riau also emphasized his commitment to keeping the press alive and well. “In Riau, the governor raised a governor’s regulation on media cooperation. Only verified media can work together. This is important to carry out in order to maintain the dignity of media friends,” he said

The Riau Provincial Government will host the summit of the 76th Anniversary of the SPS, to be exact on 5-6 July 2022. Several activities will be held there, including the media and investment expo, national dialogue, and the coronation of the winners of the Creative Journalism competition. . Challenges for the general public, Top Leaders Award in Mainstream Media and Media Brand Awards.

“Business is good, the economy is booming, the media is alive too. We will make the 76th SPS Anniversary memorable and meaningful for all. From us in Riau for the good of the press in Indonesia,” said Khairul Amri, Head of SPS Riau Branch. (*)