90 Fishermen of Tanjungpinang Trained to Make Gillnet Traps and Binding Nets

Tanjungpinang Mayor, Rahma together Chairman of DP3 Yoni Fadri took a group photo after the opening of the training for 90 fishermen.F.ist

batampos- A total of 90 fishermen in Tanjungpinang were given training in making crab traps and tying gill nets to increase human resources (HR) in mastering fishing science and technology.

Tanjungpinang Mayor Rahma said, Tanjungpinang is a marine area where most of the area is the sea, so training is very important to do to increase the knowledge of fishermen in order to optimize Tanjungpinang’s marine potential.

“The training provided is a commitment from the Tanjungpinang Provincial Government to improve fishermen’s human resources,” said Rahma, Tuesday (26/5).

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Even now there are 1,519 fishermen in Tanjungpinang based on the Marine and Fisheries Business Actor Card data (Kusuka) and there are still many fishermen who have not been registered.

“This means that many of our residents work as fishermen. This is the government’s commitment to improve human resources in Tanjungpinang in mastering fisheries science and technology,” he said
Meanwhile, Head of the Tanjungpinang City Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Service (DP3), Yoni Fadri said the training was aimed at improving human resources or technical capabilities of fishermen through providing information and knowledge of fishing technology.
“By increasing the capacity of human resources, fishermen are expected to be able to increase production and productivity, as well as an effort to improve the family economy,” he said.

Yoni hopes that participants can take advantage of the opportunity well, so that later the knowledge gained in this training can be applied in everyday life.

“So after this training there is no need to buy more bubu, you can make your own and save money,” he hoped. (*)

Reporter : Peri Irawan