A Man from Bogor Offers a Job as a TKW with a Big Salary, Even though…

JABARNEWS │ BOGOR – A man from Bogor, West Java, with the initials L, had to deal with the police. This follows reports of alleged criminal acts of trafficking in persons (TPPO) or trafficking

For his actions, the Bogor Police have named L as a suspect and detained him in the detention cell.

“L has been named a suspect and we have detained the suspect,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Bogor Police, AKP Yohanes Redhoi Sigiro after the case was held, Tuesday (6/12).

According to Sigiro, the suspect was charged with the crime of trafficking in persons. To make his intentions smooth, the suspect offered a job as a female worker (TKW) in Malaysia with the lure of a sizable salary.

Women who are interested will be asked for some money and accommodated at their home in Parungpanjang District, Bogor.

This case was revealed after one of the victims reported it through the 110 service. The suspect who knew about this immediately fled to the Cigudeg area.

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