A number of Culinary Tourism Centers in Surabaya are not well maintained

JawaPos.com- Several culinary tourism centers (SWK) owned by the Surabaya City Government currently look poorly maintained. The Surabaya Land and Public Housing and Public Settlement and Land Office (DPRKPP) will only be able to carry out repairs next year. Budget requirements are still being prepared.

In the western region, there are three SWKs that are planned to be repaired in 2023. Namely, Babat Acne SWK, Manukan Lor, and Wiyung. “We (the repairs, ed) are gradual. There is also this year. Others are scheduled for next year,” said the Head of the DPRKPP Building Section, Iman Krestian yesterday (7/11).

This year, the city government has improved the Jambangan SWK. At first it also looked less well maintained, now it looks more modern. Visitors also increased. The booth that was previously closed a lot is now starting to get busy again.

A more or less similar concept will be applied at SWK Babat Acne. At SWK Babat Acne, the location is quite strategic. The place is also adjacent to the children’s playground. Right on the side of the highway. However, there are still many empty stands that are almost never opened.

Similar conditions can be seen in SWK Manukan Lor. SWK is only crowded in the morning. In the morning, the snack market community held a stall on the SWK terrace. Cake sellers usually do it on the spot.

During the day, the situation changes. Visits to SWK which are included in the Banjarsugihan Village area have been drastically reduced. Many booths are also closed. Similar conditions can also be seen in Wiyung SWK.

Therefore, the city government has scheduled repairs. It is hoped that the number of visits will increase. The number of traders can also increase. “It really needs to be fixed to make it more attractive,” said Iman.

Regarding the localization and placement of traders, Iman admitted that he did not have the authority to do so. However, usually visitors and traders will come alone when the SWK display is good.

Regarding the concept of each SWK that will be discussed, Iman admitted that he could not explain it. What is clear is that there will be significant improvements in the three SWKs in the western region. “The design is already there. What is clear, will be made more contemporary. It’s like an internet cafe, but the contents are culinary merchants’ friends,” he explained.