A week, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Reveals 4 Cases of Attention from the Chief of Police and the Head of Regional Police

Kabag Bareskrim Barelang Police Kompol Budi Hartono revealed 4 cases during his first week in office. Photo: Public Relations of Barelang Batam Pos Police

batampos – The Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) of the Barelang Police managed to uncover 4 cases this week. The cases that were revealed came to the attention of the Kapolresta, Kapolda Kepri and Kapolri.

These cases include the abuse of subsidized diesel, Singapore’s sie jie gambling, illegal PMI shipments, and the land mafia.

The uncovering of this case cannot be separated from the role of the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Barelang Police, Kompol Budi Hartono. In these 4 cases, the man who just served this week has also arrested 9 suspects.

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The first case that was revealed was the abuse of subsidized diesel fuel on Friday (3/3) evening. The perpetrator YY (26) collected diesel using a modified car. The mode, the perpetrator used 3 fuel cards with a list of different types of cars.

“This is a case of misuse of subsidized diesel fuel and is detrimental to the state,” said Budi at the Barelang Police Headquarters, Tuesday (7/3/2023).

Meanwhile, the second case was revealed, namely Singapore’s sie jie gambling on Saturday (4/3). In this case, the police arrested 6 perpetrators consisting of recorders and players. The perpetrators were S, 39, as a recorder and 5 players with the initials A, 32, G, 35, S, 48, I, 38, and S, 45.

This gambling is known to have been going on for 3 months. Every month, gamblers generate profits of up to IDR 8 million.

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“This gambling mode uses an application and orders via WhatsApp,” said Budi

Then case 3, the disclosure of sending illegal Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI), Sunday (5/3) evening at the Sky Garden Apartment, Lubukbaja. At the location, the police helped rescue 4 CPMI and arrested MH, 46.

MH is an illegal PMI administrator in Batam. This man from Jambi collaborated with victim recruiters from Lombok and Malaysia.

“The perpetrators will receive a salary of Rp 2.5 million per person. The money will come from deducting the victim’s salary while working in Malaysia,” said Budi, who previously served as Lubukbaja Police Chief.

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Finally the police uncovered a land mafia case with the perpetrator with the initials AT, 73. The perpetrators committed land and house buying and selling fraud in Citra Batam, Batamkota, causing the victim to lose Rp. 430 million.

This case was revealed from the victim’s report. At that time, the victim who handed over the money never received a house and land certificate from the victim.

“To convince the victim, this perpetrator claimed to be the director of housing development. The house was also sold in 2017 to someone else. In fact, the company has not been valid since 2012, “he concluded. (*)

Reporter: Yofi Yuhendri