Acknowledgment by the Motor Trail Community about Damage to Adelweis Flowers at Ranca Upas Bandung

JABARNEWS │ BANDUNG – The Upas Camping Adventure Explore 2023 event which was held in the Upas Ranca area of ​​Bandung Regency, West Java, has had a long tail.

This follows the area that the participant passed. Not only the residents’ gardens, the incident also caused problems because it damaged the swamp adelweiss flowers that grow around the site.

Videos showing the impact of the damage to the event have also gone viral on social media. A number of parties also strongly criticized the holding of the Ranca Upas Camping Adventure Explore 2023 event. Including the Regent of Bandung, Dadang Supriatna.

One of the participants in the Ranca Upas Camping Adventure Explore 2023 event named Rian finally spoke up regarding this issue. Members of the Gatett Costem Motor Trail Community do not deny the damage caused by the event.

Rian also recounted the beginning of the chaos that occurred in Ranca Upas, Bandung Regency, which caused the destruction of the swamp edelweiss.