After Cooperation, Pam Jaya Accommodates 90 Percent of Former Aetra-Palyja Workers PAM Jaya Main Director Arief Nasrudin ensured that as much as 90 percent of former Aetra and Palyja employees would be accommodated following the end of the collaboration with the two partners last January. 31, 2023.

“As many as 90 percent of Aetra and Palyja employees have joined us after the termination of cooperation with partners,” Arief said in Jakarta, Thursday (17/11).

According to Arief, the joining of Aetra and Palyja employees means there will be an additional 2,000 workers including 103 employees at the managerial level and above.

For the administrative process of transferring workers, Perumda PAM Jaya has been doing it for a long time, including synchronizing the fields of work they will carry out.

In fact, said Arief, the positions of Palyja and Aetra employees will be in the same position until the reassignment process is carried out.

“The administration is complete. Then we have synchronized our internal working fields. Currently, colleagues will occupy the same position until then we re-mapping after the takeover process,” he said.

The recruitment process itself, said Arief, has been finalized by PAM Jaya, where the deadline for the manager position above is this Thursday, with the Town Hall Management Meeting being held at the Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta.

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However, Arief explained that apart from being the final recruitment activity, it was also an outreach to give them confidence in the certainty of the recruitment of Palyja and Aetra employees to be accommodated by PAM Jaya as conveyed in August 2022.

Then, he said, the activities at the manager level and above are for identification, so that within two months before the end of the privatization it can be ensured that everything is in accordance with their position and can start immediately.

“So it can be concluded that this is only part of the submission to ensure they are at PAM Jaya because the work is not easy, but I say this is a challenge that we must face together. Hopefully there will be no turbulence during takeover on January 31, 2023,” he added.

With this recruitment process, said Arief, there will be no layoffs for Palyja and Aetra employees. “So, bitter sweet, good and bad, we accept everything. They are happy that what was unclear before, becomes clear today. Even though there were some who chose not to join, PAM Jaya as a BUMD did not layoffs,” he said. (*)