Again! Housewives and Students in Tasikmalaya Become Victims of Bodong Arisan, Lose IDR 2 Billion

JABARNEWS | TASIKMALAYA – Dozens of housewives and students became victims of fake social gatherings in Tasikmalaya.

In fact, the housewife and student suffered a loss of up to IDR 2 billion.

Therefore, his party immediately reported the fraud under the guise of social gathering to the Tasikmalaya City Police Chief on Saturday (5/11/2022).

Of the 50 victims of the fake social gathering, 10 of them went to the Tasikmalaya City Police Chief by preparing a number of evidences. In addition, they also show the names of victims who have been recorded.

One of the victims of Bodong Arisan, Madam Quin, said the arisan she attended began to disband in July 2022.

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