Against the Land Mafia, Minister Has Spread 1 Million Stakes throughout Indonesia – Minister of ATR/BPN Hadi Tjahjanto visited Cilacap, Java as a sign of the start of the simultaneous installation of 1 million land boundaries for Indonesia. This program carries the jargon, “Place a Bet, Anti Bickery, Anti Annexation,”

On that occasion, Minister Hadi appealed to the public to put up boundary signs on their respective lands. This is because the installation of land boundary markers which are carried out independently is important, so that every citizen who owns the land has awareness in protecting his land boundaries.
“Apart from that, we also directly dialogued and agreed with neighbors regarding the boundaries of their respective lands,” Minister Hadi said in a written statement to, Friday (3/2).

The Community Movement to Put Boundary Signs or abbreviated as Gemapatas was proclaimed at the same time as a movement against the land mafia which often disturbs the community. Because of this, Minister Hadi stressed the dangers of the land mafia which is often present taking advantage of the blurring and unclear boundaries of land ownership.

“Land that has been passed down from generation to generation then turns into a dispute because the children and grandchildren of the landowners do not know exactly the location and boundaries of the land belonging to their parents. This is where the land mafia comes into play. So it is very important for this Gematapas that residents and their families set their own land boundaries,” he said

Gemapatas organized by the Ministry of ATR/BPN will be held simultaneously throughout Indonesia.

“Today we put stakes simultaneously in all provinces, all districts/cities and some of the outermost islands bordering other countries, we started this awareness movement, 1 million stakes is the start, this movement will continue until all land parcels in Indonesia can be mapped and certified,” said Minister Hadi.

Panda land boundaries that have been installed independently by community members will also make it easier for ATR/BPN to verify land subjects and objects. In addition, ATR/BPN can digitally map land parcels in Indonesia, so that the target of President Jokowi’s 2024 Directive regarding all land that must be digitally mapped, verified and certified can be fulfilled. The ATR/BPN Ministry under the leadership of Hadi Tjahjanto is very serious about digitizing land administration in Indonesia.

The installation of 1 million stakes was also recorded at the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as the largest and simultaneous installation of stakes in Indonesia, even in the world.

“The higher community participation, including in the installation of land boundary stakes, the higher the success of the PTSL program”