Age 73, Charles Becomes King of England

Charles signs the king’s oath during a meeting of the Council of Accession accompanied by Empress Camilla and Crown Prince William at St James’s Palace, London, Saturday (10/9/2022). King Charles III, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. F Victoria Jones via Reuters.

batampos – England has a new king. At the age of 73, Charles was made king of England with the title King Charles III. He succeeded his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the age of 96 at Balmoral Palace, Scotland, Thursday (8/9/2022) afternoon local time.

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Charles is the crown prince of England with the title Prince of Wales, as well as another duke of Cornwall.

Just as his mother went by his own name, Charles also chose his own nickname for his leadership titles as king, leader of England and the 16 Commonwealth countries. King Charles III. Although he could have chosen one of his four full names, Charles Philip Arthur George for his peerage.

Charles was 73 years old when he became king. This made him the oldest monarch in England when he ascended the throne.

As for his first speech after becoming king, he gave it specifically as a goodbye to the mother he loved. “My dearest mother, as you embark on your last major journey to reunite with your dearest Papa, I just want to say this: thank you,” she said through tears and puffy face. 9/2022) night.

He also expressed his gratitude and respect for the loyalty, honor and love that Queen Elizabeth II gave during her lifetime to her family, country and the world. The Queen ruled England for 70 years and 214 days. Two days before he died, he was still on duty, receiving visits and assigning the new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss to Scotland.
“Thank you for your love and dedication to our family and to all the nations you have served so diligently. May the song of the angels fly with you to your final resting place,” Charles said.

Through that speech, Charles admitted to having lost infinitely. He also promised to serve faithfully and respectfully as king, just as his mother did. “That promise of lifelong devotion, I renew to all of you today… As the Queen herself did with unwavering devotion, I now solemnly pledge to myself, throughout the time God has given me, to uphold the principle of -constitutional principles at the center of our country. nation,” he said.

The British people warmly welcome their new king. This can be seen when he and his wife, Empress or Empress Camilla arrived at Balmoral palace, Scotland wearing all black clothes. They had time to meet face to face and greet the residents who packed the fort fence.

There is also Charles’ first assignment after becoming king, which is to hold a meeting with PM Liz at Buckhingam Palace, London. Liz was previously sworn in by Queen Elizabeth II in Balmoral, Scotland, last Tuesday (6/9/2022).
Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, London in the next few days. The queen’s funeral day will be designated a national day of mourning as well as a national holiday in the UK for years to come.

Previously, a series of funeral ceremonies for the queen had been held at St Paul’s Cathedral. (*)

Reporter: Chahaya Simanjuntak