Ahead of Farmer’s Day, Gresik Farmer Dies of Electrocuted Rat Trap

JawaPos.com- The sad story of a farmer who died from being electrocuted by a mousetrap in Gresik, is repeated again. This time it was the turn of Banter Village, Benjeng District. The victim is M.Qosim. The 47-year-old father was found dead in his rice field, Tuesday (21/9). Three days before National Farmers Day, which is celebrated every 24 September.

The victim left a wife and three children. Two of them are still in school. The body of a resident of Hamlet Bareng RT 02, RW 01, Banter Village, was found by his own wife. Namely, Nur Ismawati. By then, it was evening. The hour hand shows 17:40 WIB. However, Qosim did not return home. In fact, before Maghrib usually already at home.

A 40-year-old mother is looking for her husband in the fields. Arriving at the rice fields, Nur Ismawati from afar saw her husband as if he was sitting. Leaning under the embankment. After being approached by the victim, Qosim did not move. No doubt, this mother of three children screamed hysterically. Breaking the silence of the rice fields.

“The victim’s wife screamed for help from the residents,” said Head of the Gresik Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Wahyu Rizki Saputro.

Nur Ismawati’s scream was heard by Ahmad Ali Ridho, 31, a local resident. The witness along with neighbors and the victim’s child went to the source of the sound. Arriving at the location, Qosim’s body was stiff. Not moving. His right finger was burned. Impact of electric shock.

Knowing this, witness Ahmad Ali Ridho was assisted by residents to lift the victim to the embankment, then took him to the Metatu Health Center and reported it to the Benjeng Police,” said Wahyu.
The case also adds to the long list of farmers who died in their fields due to electric mouse traps. In Gresik Regency, this has often happened. This tragedy is also found in many other areas. The victims were apparently forced to install electric traps. It could be because they have not found a more appropriate, effective, and efficient way. To get rid of mice that gnaw rice grains. Their livelihood.

Head of Food Crops, Horticulture, and Plantation of Gresik Regency Agriculture Office Syamsul Maarif told the media that so far his party has banned the use of electric mouse traps. There are several alternatives to repel mice. These include the construction of an owl house, rat exterminator drugs and a rat control movement.

“Gradually, farmers have done this. So we have banned the use of electricity,” he said
From this incident, his party will follow up so that agricultural extension workers in the local sub-district are more active in socializing the ban. Because, endangering lives.