Alleged Foreign Workers Without Permits in Batam, Immigration Will Coordinate Internally

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Batam City DPRD Commission I during an inspection at PT Warlbor International Indonesia, Wednesday (8/6) afternoon. F.Eggi Idriansyah

batampos – Commission I of the Batam City DPRD found 15 Foreign Workers (TKA) from China at PT Warlbor International Indonesia during the examination last Wednesday (8/6). From this inspection, it is not known whether the foreign worker has a work permit in Indonesia or not.

Because Commission I of the Batam City DPRD asked the company to bring its permit to the Batam City DPRD.

The Head of the Immigration Office for TPI Special Class I Batam, Subki Miuldi, said that his party could not confirm whether the foreign worker from China had a work permit in Indonesia or not. Because they need data from foreign workers to check it.

“Because we have to see the name and passport number first to be checked,” said Subki.

While when it was confirmed whether there would be a Batam Immigration plan to go directly to the company, he could not be sure.

“I try to coordinate internally first,” he said.

Batam Pos’s observation during the inspection, it appears that several foreign workers from China are busy working in front of their computers. They seem to be entering data.

Meanwhile, several other foreign workers held a meeting on the second floor of a company engaged in the production of cigarette paper.

Head of Commission I DPRD Batam City, Lik Khai said his party was still waiting for all permits from the company. If it turns out that the foreign worker does not have a work permit, his party will report it to Immigration.

“They should be deported (if they don’t have a permit),” he said.

Commission I, he continued, will also check the permits of other companies. If the company’s license is incomplete, it will be coordinated with the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) for all permits.

“Basically, if I look at them, they are already operational. But we also want to know whether the permit is complete or not,” he said
For this reason, until now it has not been able to complete the company’s operations. Because his party does not want to conclude that the company does not have a permit, but when he is at the Batam DPRD, he can show all the permits. (*)

Reporter : Eggi Idriansyah