Allegedly Corruption, this is the answer from KDP in Krembangan District–The 2020 Mayoral Election (Pilwali) still has a long way to go. The Satreskrim Polrestabes Surabaya said there were allegations of misappropriation of grant funds at the sub-district level.

One of the sub-districts examined is Krembangan District. The corruption allegation also mentions the name of the sub-district election committee (PPK).

In this case, the Head of PPK Krembangan Febryan Kiswanto explained that the Surabaya Polrestabes had been examined as a witness. He feels cornered from the examination.

”We were examined as witnesses. It’s not just Krembangan that is being examined. But all of Kami’s districts happened to be the first. Maybe because it’s close (to the Surabaya Polrestabes office),” said Febryan when contacted, Friday (10/6).

Febryan regretted public opinion and the police who named himself and his members as suspects. He explained that the examination only told what had happened and was done.

”Our capacity is only technical organizers. We were asked to bring a checking account (containing incoming and outgoing funds). But because the event was over, we were assisted by the sub-district secretariat,” explained Febryan.

The examination process, he said, will continue with the status of a witness. To the police, he reiterated that it was only temporary or ad hoc. “We are worried that these friends are not ASN organizers and are recruited on an ad hoc basis. Smells good for this event, doesn’t it (helps the event all along, doesn’t it). We are constrained by budget problems, which we have clearly provided in the SPJ (Letter of Accountability),” said Febryan.

In the past, allegations of corruption emerged from the holding of the 2020 Surabaya Pilkada. Corruption was allegedly carried out by the sub-district election committee (PPK).

The allegation has now reached the Surabaya Police. Police are currently investigating the allegations.

Kasatreskrim Polrestabes Surabaya AKBP Mirzal Maulana confirmed the allegation. The case was handled by the Tipikot Unit of the Surabaya Police Satreskrim.

“Still under investigation. (Regarding) the grant,” said Mirzal when confirmed, Wednesday (8/6).