Amour Eternal Dessert Recipe, Can Be a Media Expression of Love

Pastry chef Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya Fillia Jessyca S. decorates Amour Eternal’s dessert with sweet frosting. (Frizal/Jawa Pos)

batampos – This sweet Amour Eternal dessert recipe is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Can be used as a medium to express love, maybe? Moreover, in the shape of a heart with a pink color and a sprinkling of toppings. Very tempting.

The plain white dome-shaped food looks simple on the outside. Garnished with mint leaves and butterfly pea flowers. Who would have thought that there was a whole heart behind it. Its name is Amour Eternal.

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”The brown dome is like building a relationship. There are problems in the relationship. Well, we’re going to douse it with lots of sauce. This sauce is a symbol of trouble. But, in it there is still love intact. The raspberry mousse doesn’t crumble,” explains Junior Sous Chef Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya Seliq Sebastian Chandra, creator of the recipe for this beautiful dessert.

To serve, the white chocolate dome is doused with baileys ganache sauce. Slowly, the entire melting surface of the dome will reveal its contents. Namely, a heart-shaped raspberry mousse with a pink mirror glaze

”So, the dome was made not too thick. The sauce is poured hot so that the dome melts quickly,” said Fillia Jessyca S., pastry chef at Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya, regarding the special Valentine’s Day menu.

Mousse inside has a very soft texture. When bitten, whip cream melts in the mouth. There is a sweet taste that fits with a combination of a little fresh taste from raspberries and crunchy from crumble on top.

“The top is decorated as a sweetener. There are crumbs, tuile, gold leaf and pistachios,” added Fillia. Amour Eternal dessert is quite easy to make at home. No need for oven because no need to bake. Just need a mixer and refrigerator or cooler. You can even make chocolate domes using molds or balloons.

”We use balloons. So, the balloon is stored first in the chiller or cooler, then the chocolate is at the right temperature, then it is dipped into the balloon mold. Wait for the chocolate to set, then the balloon is punctured,” he explained.




– Raspberries 200 grams

– Sugar 35 grams

– Gelatin powder 10 grams

– Sweet whipped cream 250 ml


– 700 grams of white chocolate

– Water 300 ml

– Sugar 600 grams

– Sweetened condensed milk 400 gram

– 1 tsp vanilla extract

– Powdered gelatin 38 gram

– Food coloring (optional)


– White chocolate dome, melted white chocolate


– Pistachios, gold leaf, crispy rice, tuile sugar


1. To make the mousse, grind the raspberries until they turn into juice. Add gelatin and mix well. Then, put it in a saucepan and heat it over low heat. Stir until the gelatin dissolves and mixes well, don’t let it boil. Add sugar, remove and chill.

2. Beat whipping cream at high speed until fluffy. Enter the raspberry mixture, then stir with a spatula until well blended. Save in chiller.

3. To make the glaze, mash the chocolate by slicing or grating it, then place it in a heatproof container and set it aside.

4. Mix agar-agar with water, stir, and let stand until thickened.

5. Cook sugar, sweetened condensed milk and water over low heat, stirring gently. After five minutes, pour in the thickened gelatin and stir until it almost boils

6. Pour the white chocolate into a bowl using a strainer to remove any foam. Allow a few moments for the white chocolate to melt.

7. Once melted, puree with hands blender. Let stand until room temperature.

8. Pour the liquid mirror glaze over the frozen cake slowly until the cake is evenly covered. Transfer to a heart-shaped baking tray before the mirror glass freezes.

9. Decorate according to taste. Among other things, pistachio nuts, gold leaf, and crushed.

10. To serve, hide the pink mousse by covering a white chocolate dome. Then, pour the baileys ganache sauce so that the dome skin melts and the liver mousse comes out.


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