Angel Lelga’s explanation, who claims to be the CEO of Angel Token, turns out to be BA – Angel Lelga confirmed that she is the brand ambassador (BA) of Angel Token. Not the CEO. Angel Token is an investment business platform. The platform only uses its name on the business brand.

It was previously reported that Angel Lelga is the CEO of Angel Token. He admits it. The reason is, the crypto business development company that uses the name asked Angel Lelga to claim to be the CEO.

“At first I became CEO because I was asked to claim to be CEO, because the founder of this developer claimed to be the wife of an official. Yes, I have followed it,” admitted Angel Lelga at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Thursday (9/6).

Angel is willing to claim to be the CEO of Angel Token because he believes the developer will run his business responsibly. But in reality, Angel suspects a case of alleged fraud in the business.

“I’m just a positive person, how could the officer’s wife want to break the law? Even at the launch, her husband, whom she knew as the officer, also came, just not wanting to be caught on camera. That’s why we’re moving forward,” he said

The presence of Tata Liem and Ozy Syahputra before the investigators in today’s examination agenda to clarify their position only as brand ambassadors and not CEO.

Angel Lelga is very worried that crypto businesses that use her name will end up being scammed, like the DNA Pro platform and others. “I asked the police for help to erase my name on the Angel Token,” he said.

Angel Lelga made a police report to the South Jakarta Metro Police regarding the alleged fraud in the crypto investment business called Angel Token.

He reported two people each with the initials C and K. The report was made on May 24, 2022 with the number LP/B/1199/V/2022/SPKT/Polres Metro Jaksel Polda Metro Jaya.

The case began when Angel Lelga became a brand ambassador. The collaboration was agreed to use the name Angel as the business brand ‘Angel Token’. As time went by, the veiled woman sniffed that something was wrong with the whisper. So he made a police report.