Angklung Equator An Art Identity of the Indonesian Nation

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – In commemoration of world angklung day which falls on November 16, the Cultural Preservation Center Region IX presents the Equator Angklung performance (AKHU).

Raising the theme ‘The Sound of Indonesia’, AKHU was held at the closed theater Dago Tea House, Bandung City, Friday (18/11/2022).

It is known that the Cultural Preservation Center Region IX as a government agency in the field of preservation and development of cultural values ​​is an institution that is consistent in realizing various forms of angklung art preservation activities in Indonesia, especially West Java.

“The Angklung Bangsa Performance Festival on 16 November 2022 is an activity that is concrete evidence of BPK in realizing the development of angklung art in Indonesia,” said the Head of the Cultural Preservation Center for Region IX, Jumhari at a conference press conference.

“Angklung is an art from West Java, Indonesia which was recognized by UNESCO 22 years ago,” he added.

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