Appearing at London Fashion Week, Nothing flaunts TWS Ear

A display of the Nothing Ear (stick) case on display at the Chet Lo fashion show for the “ Spring/Season Collection Hot 2023” at London Don Fashion Week. (ANTARA/HO/Twitter Nothing)

batampos- Nothing, a technology company is showing off again their newest product, this time True Wireless Stereo (TWS) called Ear (stick) at the London Fashion Week fashion show.

In the fashion show for the “Spring/Summer 2023” collection by Chet Lo, Ear (stick) appeared to complete the look of the models with designer clothes.

Quoting Phonearena, Saturday, the appearance of Ear (stick) at London Fashion Week was showcased by Nothing on its official Twitter account @Nothing.

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Looking like a “lipstick” shape, the Ear (stick) comes in a slim and rounded design.

The design looks different from the shape of TWS containers currently available in the market with designs that are usually oval or square.

No one admits that the design is inspired by classic cosmetic packaging shapes and says that the Ear (stick) case is prepared with an ergonomic design.

Thus, consumers are expected to be able to carry the TWS more compactly, even though it only needs to be put in a shirt pocket.

In its press release, Nothing also stated that Ear (stick) was just waiting for release.

This means that one can expect the product to be launched in the near future or at least by the end of 2022.

There are rumors that the Ear (stick) will be priced at 99 US dollars (approximately Rp. 1.5 million) similar to the first earbud product released by Nothing, namely the Ear. (*)

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