Applications for Making Job Seeker Cards Increase in Batam

Pencaker Urus Kartu Kunung Dalil Harahap78
Illustration. Job seekers in Batam are working on a job seeker card or AK-1 at the Batam Manpower Office. Photo: Dalil Harahap

batampos – Until now, the city of Batam is still a magnet for job seekers (pencaker). This can be seen from the increasing demand for making pencaker cards or AK-1.

Batam Pos monitoring, Tuesday (10/1/2023) dozens of job seekers came to the Batam Service Office in Sekupang to take care of AK1. Most of them do not have Batam KTPs or come from outside the area.

“Yes, I want to take care of the yellow card because the old one has expired,” said Anton at the Batam Manpower Office.

He admits that he has been in Batam for two years but does not yet have a Batam KTP. As for the conditions themselves, KTP outside Batam takes care of it at the Manpower Office, while for those who already have a Batam KTP it is enough at the sub-district office.

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“That’s still the village ID card,” he added

Fany, another migrant worker, admitted that she had only been in Batam for a week. He is trying his appointment in Batam because many of his relatives are already working here.

“Follow brother. How do you know here you can get a job right away,” he said.

Organization of a yellow card at the Disnaker office also did not last long, it only took a matter of minutes for a yellow card to be issued.

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“Summoned, then given the conditions immediately completed,” added the 19-year-old woman.

Head of the Batam City Manpower Office Rudi Sakyakirti said, like last year, the number of job seekers who would apply for a job seeker card or AK-1 in Batam City experienced a slight increase in the early years.

“Just like last year, there was a slight increase at the beginning of the year,” he said

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Continued by Rudi, currently processing yellow cards in his office ranges from 70 to 80 people every day.

In addition, the majority of job seekers are still dominated by SMA/SMK graduates and the equivalent. Then graduates of S1 and SMP.

“Most of them are high school graduates,” he said.(*)

Reporter: Rengga Yuliandra