Bali United’s most headed goals are from the smallest players United has a good record as well as dangerous for opponents at the start of this season. Half of Serdadu Tridatu’s total goals were scored by over balls or headers.

For seven weeks of Liga 1, Bali United players managed to score 14 goals. Seven of them were created by heading. There were four players who scored in this way. Namely, Willian Pacheco, Jajang Mulyana, Ilija Spasojevic, and Privat Mbarga.
Well, what’s interesting is that Mbarga, who has the shortest height of 171 cm, actually became the top scorer with a header. Mbarga’s three goals this season have been achieved.

Bali United coach Stefano ”Teco” Cugurra also appreciated Mbarga. According to him, it cannot be separated from the results of the training carried out by the Cameroonian players.

”Definitely from practice. Even though sometimes players don’t have the ideal physical posture, they should practice heading in practice. When there is a chance to head, they have to practice heading,” Teco said.

This is approved by Mbarga. Although his posture is less than ideal, the 30-year-old player works around this by training in other things, namely physical training.

”I know I’m not tall. So, I always try to train him in the gym to improve his abilities,” Mbarga said.

“Football is my job and I have to give my best with good performances on the pitch. Scoring a goal means I have helped my team with my best performance,” he added

In the next match, Bali United will face Persebaya on Friday (2/9) at the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium, Surabaya. Although the Persebaya squad is much different from last season, Teco remains vigilant.

“Persebaya this season has lost some good players. But, in the current competition, they have also managed to bring in some good players to watch out for,” said Teco