Bandung City Government Disburses IDR 500 Million for the Establishment of a Disaster Alert Village

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – The City Government (Pemkot) of Bandung has allocated a budget of Rp 500 million for the establishment of a disaster preparedness village.

Two sub-districts in Bandung City which will be designated as disaster preparedness villages in 2023 include; Mandalajati and Ujungberung Regencies.

The sub-districts of Mandalajati and Ujungberung have become a priority for the establishment of disaster preparedness villages because these two sub-districts are prone to flooding and land shifts, stretches of fault lines and prone to landslides due to the large amount of deforestation in the northern area of ​​Bandung city, especially in the northern areas of Mandalajati and Ujungberung.

“We have prepared a budget of Rp500 million to build disaster prepared villages in the two sub-districts,” said Head of the Bandung City Social Service (Dinsos), Soni Bakhtiyar, Bandung, Sunday, October 23, 2022.

In addition to these 2 sub-districts, said Soni Bakhtiyar, the Bandung City Government plans to establish disaster preparedness villages in every sub-district, especially in disaster-prone districts.

“The establishment of a disaster preparedness village will be carried out in stages in every sub-district in Bandung City, it is hoped that with the formation of a disaster preparedness village, the City of Bandung can have a disaster response village for disaster mitigation,” he said. .

“Of course we will see which of the 30 sub-districts are prone to disasters,” he added.

Soni Bakhtiyar hopes that in his village there will be many disaster alert points so that if a disaster occurs in one area, the response will be faster.

“Not only from the City Government, but residents also understand more about how to deal with disasters, especially after disasters,” he concluded. *

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