Bandung City Government – ​​UK Discusses the Use of Big Data Technology for Smart City

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – The City Government (Pemkot) of Bandung and the UK will cooperate in the use of Big Data technology related to smart cities for the transportation needs of the sector, processing waste into renewable energy, and creative industry.

As is known, since 2015, the British Embassy has collaborated with the City Government (Pemkot) of the City of Bandung in various aspects, one of which is the development of a smart city.

In a meeting and discussion on Monday (27/6/2022), the Bandung City Government and the British Embassy again discussed several issues related to smart cities, particularly the use of Big Data technology.

Sekda of the City of Bandung, Ema Sumarna said, through the Global Future Cities collaboration, the Government of the City of Bandung will improve the culture of the fleet and transportation.

“We will run this program in 2023. A budget of Rp 49 billion has been prepared for this program. One of the proofs is that the Bandung City Government can maximally cooperate with the UK to improve the fleet and transportation culture in the city of Bandung, “said Ema.

Then in the Smart City program, Ema explained, the City of Bandung already has a Bandung Command Center (BCC). This year the City Government will revitalize the value of the functions and benefits of the BCC, so that information from all Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) can be integrated.

“We need input to be able to accelerate the target of Bandung City towards a smart city in its public services,” he said.

Not only that, the Bandung City Government will also explore cooperation in the field of renewable energy. In a day the city of Bandung produces 1,500 tons of waste. However, until now only 1,200 tons of waste can be processed.

“We will use the 3R (Reuse Reduce Recycle) system for the remaining 300 tons. However, we feel this is not optimal. Maybe the British Ambassador can provide input,” he said

Ema added that the Bandung City Government plans to cooperate in the form of waste processing for the Waste Power Plant (PLTSa).

“To be precise, East Bandung is in the Gedebage area. It is currently in the process of recalculating its needs. It is planned that the technology used is an incinerator,” he explained.

In response, the Head of Second Cities, Network and Strategy, British Embassy Jakarta, Samuel Hayes said, the smart city system in Bandung is one of the best in Indonesia.

“Smart city Bandung like BCC is one of the best in Indonesia. In the UK, we have the City of Bristol which also has a similar smart city program like Bandung. If you want benchmarks, you can go there,” said Sam.

In addition, the system of processing waste into renewable energy carried out in the UK, can be followed by the Bandung City Government in dealing with waste problems.

Sam explained that in England, organic waste is processed by composting or anaerobic decomposition (Anaerobic Digestion / AD)

“The main advantage of this technology is the production of biomethane. Can be used to generate electricity. This is especially useful in remote locations,” he said.

He added, this does not necessarily happen in the UK. Collaboration is needed to build disciplined habits of sorting waste. The government invites the community to campaign for the program.

“The government also makes regulations in the form of fines if someone violates it,” he admitted.

Although a definite agreement has not been reached, the British Embassy is committed to being involved in the development of the City of Bandung through programs that can meet the needs of the community and can be developed together.**

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