Banjarmasin Dispendik Sets New School Year for Normal PTM–Banjarmasin City Education Office, South Kalimantan, has set a new academic year 2022/2023 for face-to-face learning (PTM) in schools in the region normally.

According to the Head of the Banjarmasin City Education Office, Nuryadi, the new academic year 2022/2023 in the regions for Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School levels begins on July 18. Covid-19 vaccination among students, complete PTM can be carried out by all schools.

“But still apply the health protocol. It is still mandatory to wear a mask and not to crowd,” said Nuryadi as quoted from Antara.

He said one of the considerations for normal PTM was based on the Covid-19 vaccination data from the South Kalimantan State Intelligence Agency (BIN). Covid-19 vaccinations aged 6–11 years reached 96.14 percent.

“But this is the first dose of 96.14 percent injection,” explained Nuryadi.

According to him, the second dose of vaccination for students aged 6-11 years reached 76.98 percent. “This is the data we got when we attended the zoom meeting with the South Kalimantan BIN regarding Covid-19,” said Nuryadi.
The achievement of student vaccination continues, he continued, trying to increase it to 100 percent. “During the new school year, we will pursue the target again. We will also open vaccination booths in schools,” said Nuryadi.

Nuryadi added, the status of the implementation of restrictions on community activities (PPKM) is already level 1 in Banjarmasin City. This also includes being a reference for normal PTM.

If PTM is limited, it is set to a maximum of four hours of learning time, when PTM is normal from entering class at 07.30 WIT, elementary school students go home at 13.30 WITA, while junior high school leaves at 14.30 WITA.