Bank Jatim Considers Gresik Petrokimia the Strongest Opponent Jatim begins its work in the 2022 Indonesian Volleyball League (Livoli) on 11 October. Being in the DD group, the Livoli team that survives three times in a row will face Gresik Petrokimia, Vita Solo, and the Jakarta Navy.

Among the three potential opponents, the volleyball coach of Bank Jatim Labib named one of the most dangerous opponents. “What we need to be aware of is Petrokimia. Navy or Vita Solo may still be below us,” said Labib after a press conference in front of Livoli yesterday (7/10) at Bank Jatim head office, Surabaya.

Laib’s assessment is quite reasonable. Currently, Petrokimia is inhabited by many players labeled with the national team. Despite being a promotion team, Petrokimia immediately recruited three national team players at once.

They are Nandita Ayu Salsabila, Wilda Siti Nurfadilah, and Yolla Yuliana. In addition, Petrokimia already has the club’s original national team player, Mediol Stiovanny Yoku.

However, Bank Jatim also has several national team players such as Megawati Hangestri or Yulis Indahyani. However, this year Bank Jatim plans to combine senior players with new junior players.

Bank Jatim will face Petrokimia in the opening match at GOR Tawang Alun, Banyuwangi, Tuesday (11/10). Labib will still field junior players in the match.

”We still have a lot of junior players. The senior ones I save first so that there is regeneration,” he said.

In addition to the Tawang Alun Gymnasium, Banyuwangi (11–16 October), the Livoli preliminary round was held at the Sritex Arena Gymnasium, Solo (18–23 October). The group winners and runners-up will compete in the last four at GOR Ki Mageti, Magetan, on November 4-13.