Batam City Baznas Hands Over Basic Food Assistance to 340 Hospital Honorary Employees

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Baznas Batam handed over food aid to Embung Fatimah Hospital of Honor Batam. Eusebius Sara

batampos – Hundreds of temporary employees at Embung Fatimah Batam Regional General Hospital (RSUD) in Batuaji received basic food assistance from the Batam City Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas). This food package assistance was handed over at Embung Fatimah Hospital Batam and witnessed by the Deputy Governor of Riau Islands Marlin Agustin, Thursday (9/6) morning.

Basnaz Batam Deputy Chair III for Finance H. Aprizal at the location of the food distribution said, the distribution of basic needs is a routine program from Basnaz Batam to muzakki who have routinely paid zakat to Basnaz. Hospital awards include muzakki who regularly pay zakat to Baznas Batam.

“In general, Civil Servants (ASN) in Batam City Government routinely pay zakat to Baznas. We have implemented it in several existing offices and UPTD with the target of honorary employees. This time in this hospital, there are a total of 340 food packages that we have distributed,” he said.

Aprizal explained, throughout the year Basnaz Batam distributed a lot of similar assistance. In addition to muzakki from among employees within the Batam City Government, many muzakki from the general public on the mainland and in the interior have also been helped.

“For now, the funds collected from zakat, infaq and alms are around Rp 12 billion. We will distribute all of that to the eight existing asnaf (poor, indigent, amil, converts, slaves, gharimin, fisabilillah and Ibnus Sabil),” said Aprizal.

For the welfare of the people of Batam, Basnaz Batam has five work programs, including healthy Batam, smart Batam, caring Batam, prosperous Batam and Taqwa Batam. “For a healthy Batam, we have a hospital to serve the poor who do not have BJPS or are far from health facilities. This hospital is in Basnaz’s office. We also regularly travel around to serve people who need free health services,” he said

Marlin Agustina in his direction welcomed this social activity from Baznas Batam. Baznas Batam is a zakat institution appointed by the Batam City Government to be more proactive in the future helping people who need assistance. He also hopes that in the future all ASN and employees within the Batam City Government will be more active in paying zakat so that more work programs will be carried out by Baznas.

“Baznas is a social institution. With existing programs very well. It covers everything. A very extraordinary program and deserves support. Hopefully in the future it can be even better, “said Marlin.

The Director of Embung Fatimah Hospital Batam, Dr RT Sri Widjayanti expressed his deepest gratitude to Basnaz Batam who has cared for the honorary staff of the hospital. He hopes that in the future he will be able to ease the burden on his employees. (*)

Reporter : Eusebius Sara