Batam Kejari Officially Has Adhyaksa Drug Rehabilitation Center at Embung Fatimah Hospital

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The Head of Batam City, Herlina Setyorini (right) and the Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi signed an MoU related to the Adhyaksa Drug Rehabilitation Center. Photo: Yashinta/Batam Pos

batampos – The Batam District Attorney finally officially has a Drug Rehabilitation Center (Narcotics, Alcohol, Psychotropics, and Other Addictive Substances) Adhyaksa itself is located in the Tunsendari Integrated Building of Embung Fatimah Hospital, Batuaji, Tuesday (16/03). 8/2022).

The Adhyaksa Rehabilitation Center will later serve as a reference point for victims of drug abuse in Batam through the Restorative Justice (RJ) program.

Launch Adhyaksa Drug Rehabilitation Center was marked by the signing of the MOU
by the Head of the Batam District Attorney (Kajari), Herlina Setyorini with the Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi. And witnessed by the Head of Forkopimda Batam City and hundreds of invited guests.

The Head of Batam City, Herlina Setyorini, said that the Adhyaksa Drug Rehabilitation Center is part of the implementation of RJ. Or provide justice for people who are entangled in drugs in accordance with Guidelines Number 18 of 2021 concerning the Settlement of Handling Criminal Cases of Narcotics Abuse.

So that the RJ program run by the Attorney General’s Office is not only for minor general criminal cases, but also for drug addicts through rehabilitation centers.

Meanwhile, those who distribute, mediate, and sell drugs will still receive strict sanctions according to applicable law.

“The Adhyaksa Drug Rehabilitation Center exists, because it sees the number of victims of drug abuse. This is a follow-up to guideline no. 18 of 2021 at the Attorney General’s Office. The goal is also to reduce the excess capacity of prisoners in the detention center,” he said

He explained that the Adhyaksa Drug Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to the mission of saving drug addicts from addiction through RJ.

So far, corporal punishment and imprisonment are considered less effective in tackling the number of users of narcotics and similar illicit goods in Indonesia.

Therefore, the prosecutor’s office made a positive breakthrough to change the pattern of prevention, by means of medical means through rehabilitation centers.

So far, the panel of judges has decided on rehabilitation. However, through RJ, drug addicts can be directly rehabilitated.

“So when there is a case that is received by investigators for drug addicts, prosecution is the last resort. Because it’s very sad, those who are victims of abuse must join the convicted criminals,” he explained.

According to Herlina, so far the rehabilitation process for drug addicts in Batam City has been handed over to the central BNN in Batam.

But along with the number of drug cases, sometimes BNN rehabilitation cannot accommodate.

Therefore, the establishment of the Adhyaksa Drug Rehabilitation Center is expected to assist the rehabilitation process for addicts who have received forgiveness through RJ.

At the location, the RSUD has prepared 3 rooms for the rehabilitation center. One room is for observation and two rooms are for inpatient rehabilitation (separate rooms for male and female addicts).

“The drug rehabilitation center at Embung Fatimah Hospital is temporary. We have also coordinated with the Batam City Government which will later be assisted, the Guardian has also agreed that special land will be provided for the Adhyaksa Drug Rehabilitation Center, “explained Herlina.

Herlina explained that drug cases that can get rehabilitation are those who are victims or addicts of drug abuse.

The Batam Prosecutor’s Office will later offer victims of drug abuse to be rehabilitated. Of course, the rehabilitation process also involves an assessment team consisting of the National Police, BNN, Attorney General’s Office and Medical Personnel.

“It must be confirmed first whether the perpetrator is an addict. Judging from the investigation process, are they related to dealers or dealers. Those who are positive for drugs, even though no evidence is found, are also called addicts who must be rehabilitated, “explained Herlina.

Herlina also did not forget to thank all parties, Forkopimda especially the Batam City Government for supporting and being involved in the establishment of the Batam Adhyaksa Kejari Drug Rehabilitation Center.

Meanwhile, Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi appreciated the steps taken by Kajari Batam with the existence of the Adyaksa rehabilitation center. Especially now that there are many drug cases in Batam City.

“The role of the Batam City government is very important. Whoever he is, be it addicts or otherwise, we must be here to help them,” said Rudi.

As a form of support from the city government, his party promised to establish a special Drug Quarantine Center in Batam City. Moreover, seeing the potential for drug trafficking in Batam City, which is quite large, because Batam in the next few years will become a developed city.

“We are working with Kajari, we want to separate those who have become addicts, so they are far from the crowd so that problems can be solved,” concluded Rudi.(*)

Reporter: Yashinta