BC Riau Islands Failed 2 Mikol Smuggling Attempts in Batam Waters

Mikol’s smuggler ship was secured by BC Kepri from Batam waters

batampos- The Riau Islands Customs and Excise together with the BC Batam KPU succeeded in thwarting the smuggling of alcoholic beverages (Mikol) in Batam waters.

“There were two Mikol transport ships that were secured at different times. Namely, KM Pulau Putri 10/KLM Ahyat Nur 03 who was arrested on Thursday (23/6). Mikol found 10 thousand bottles of this ship with the value of goods reaching Rp 6 billion. And the potential loss to the state is around Rp. 12 billion,” said Head of the Riau Islands Customs and Excise Office, Akhmad Rofiq, Saturday (20/8).
Then, continued Rofiq, Friday (29/7), routine patrols carried out by Customs and Excise succeeded in securing KM Harapan Bersama. Cargo carried as many as 10 thousand bottles. The value of the goods is around Rp. 7 billion. And for the potential loss to the state of Rp. 15 billion.

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“Mikol who was successfully arrested was from abroad. In accordance with the reports we received, customs officials monitored ships entering Indonesian waters from Singapore,” he explained.

This, continued Rofiq, because the movement of the ship was considered suspicious. And so, the patrol officer decided to carry out a cargo inspection. From the results of the inspection, it was found that alcoholic beverages were transported without valid customs documents.

“Customs investigators determined that the captain of KM Pulau Putri 10/KLM Ahyat Nur 03 with the initials N as a suspect. And also the captain of KM Harapan Bersama with the initials B. For the Mikol smuggling case, we have also sent a Notice of Commencement of Investigation (PDP) to Suray to the Riau Islands High Court,” he explained

According to Rofiq, Mikol’s mode of smuggling tends to be repeated. Namely, the carrier pretends to transport goods between islands. However, then turned to Singapore to take alcoholic beverages. And to carry out their actions, they sailed not according to the path specified in the Sailing Order (SPB). This includes turning off Automatic Identification System (AIS) navigation devices while traveling to evade the Customs and Excise patrol fleet. (*)

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