Be the Most Liked Ustad, Gus Miftah Humble – The religious figure Gus Miftah is included in the ranks of the second most favorite ustadz after Ustad Abdul Somad based on the results of a survey conducted by Poltracking Indonesia.

The owner’s full name Miftah Maulana Habiburrahman is in 2nd place with a score of 9.4 percent. In the first place in the survey results is Ustad Abdul Somad with a percentage reaching 13.9 percent.

The findings of this survey involved 1220 respondents in the period 16-22 May 2022. The next in line are Mustofa Bisri, Gus Bahaudin Nursalim, Aa Gym, Mamah Dedeh, and others.

His name is on the list of most favored kiai, Guf Miftah remains humble. He admitted to reading istighfar after knowing the survey results because he was worried about the attitude of ujub, riya and takabur.

“Hopefully the results of this survey, if true, will make me more careful in speaking, thinking, acting and acting,” said Gus Miftah to reporters in Jakarta, Thursday (9/6).

The leader of one of the Islamic boarding schools in Jogjakarta admitted that he was far behind in science compared to other kiai who were also included in the survey.

“I realized that compared to them, my knowledge was not as good as their nails. Almukarom Gus Mus, Gus Baha. He is my great role model,” said Gus Miftah.

He admitted that he admired the character and personality that Gus Mus and Gus Baha often showed. One of them is about his humility. “Hopefully I can continue to learn and imitate all the goodness from Gus Mus and Gus Baha,” said the man who was born in East Lampung, August 1981.

Gus Miftah, who became known to the public because of his lectures at nightclubs, hopes that his existence as a religious leader can provide more benefits for many people.

“What I say, I preach, hopefully it can be accepted, digested and practiced well,” he said hopefully.