Bintan Education Budget Allocation for 2023 Reaches 27 Percent

The Regent of Bintan, Roby Kurniawan handed over the DPA to the Plt Kadis PMD Bintan, Wan Rudy Iskandar in the hall of the Regent’s Office i Bintan, Bint an Buyu, Tuesday (10/1). F. Slamet Nofasusanto

batampos- The budget allocation for the Bintan Regency Education Office reaches approximately 27 percent of the total APBD in 2023. The APBD of Bintan Regency in 2023 is around 1.108 trillion.

Regent of Bintan, Roby Kurniawan, said that the largest budget allocation was at the Bintan District Education Office.

He said, the education budget allocation reached around 27 percent of the 20 percent mandated by law.

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“The allocation is greater than the required 20 percent,” said Roby after handing over the 2023 DPA in the hall of the Bintan Regent’s Office, Tuesday (10/1).

In addition to prioritizing the education sector, his party will prioritize the health sector and economic recovery in 2023.

Roby asked all OPD Bintan to move quickly in carrying out activities by prioritizing the interests of the community.

“Don’t play games, prepare terms of reference well, and ensure the output and results of the program,” he said. (*)


Reporter: Slamet Nofasusanto