BSKDN Ministry of Home Affairs Signs Puja Indah’s Commitment to the Sangihe Islands – Head of the Domestic Policy Strategy Agency (BSKDN) of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Yusharto Huntoyungo, signed a commitment statement to implement the Regional Innovation Network Center (Puja Indah) for the Sangihe Islands Regency, North Sulawesi Province.< /p >

The signing was carried out by Yusharto with the Acting Regent of the Sangihe Islands Rinny Tamuntuan at the BSKDN Office of the Ministry of Home Affairs on Thursday, November 10, 2022.

Yusharto explained, Puja Indah’s service has many superior innovations from various regions. These innovations can be utilized by local governments to improve services to the community. Moreover, Sangihe Regency has its own characteristics compared to other districts in Indonesia.

“We are ready to be a liaison between Sangihe Regency and the initiators of innovation (at Puja Indah),” said Yusharto in a written statement to

Yusharto hopes that the cooperation between the BSKDN of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Sangihe Islands Regency can continue. He appreciated the presence of the Acting Regent of the Sangihe Islands who wanted to take advantage of Puja Indah’s services.

Meanwhile, the Acting Regent of the Sangihe Islands, Rinny Tamuntuan, revealed several obstacles faced by the region regarding the utilization of Puja Indah which was still not optimal. However, Rinny admitted that his party had made efforts to overcome these obstacles.

“We have collaborated with several parties, one of which is Telkomsel to overcome network difficulties in accessing Puja Indah for remote areas,” said Rinny.

On this occasion he also thanked BSKDN for its cooperation. Rinny hopes that in the future this collaboration can continue and can increase the use of Puja Indah in the area.

“We are very grateful that today we were able to sign with the Head of the Agency who was present in person with his staff,” concluded Rinny.