Buying Cooking Oil Must Use Care to Protect, Traders: It’s Really Complicated! – A basic food trader in Pasar Mandiri, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Ida,37 said that consumers had difficulty buying bulk cooking oil because the government implemented the “Pedulilindungi” application.

“It’s very complicated (using the app) in Jakarta,” said Ida at the Mandiri Market, North Jakarta, Wednesday (29/6) quoted from Antara.

Ida admitted that she received subsidized bulk cooking oil in the form of jerry cans offered by Indomarco retail with a selling price of Rp. 14,000 thousand to Rp. 15,500 per kilogram. Per day, Ida gets about five to ten jerry cans of cooking oil per day.

According to Ida, one person is only allowed to buy 10 liters of bulk cooking oil per day. Currently, buyers at their stalls can buy bulk cooking oil by showing their KTP, then taking a photo of the buyer’s NIK as a report to Indomarco.

When photographing the NIK, Ida said that he also had a reservation, because the equipment he had was not sufficient, so he had difficulty taking pictures.

In line with Ida, buyer Andy, 42, admitted that he had difficulty buying bulk cooking oil with the PeduliLindung application. Because the device they have sometimes has problems.

Andy also admitted that buying bulk cooking oil in the market with an ID card made him nervous, for fear of being misused.

“We don’t know (Nik KTP) what he did,” he said.

Even so, Ida and Andy hope that in the future sales of bulk cooking oil will no longer need to use ID cards or the PeduliLindung application.