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Stinky Releases ‘Your Charm’ with New Formation

November 21, 2022 kuramanime 0

The new formation of the legendary band Stinky: Nano (guitar), Irwan (vocals and bass), and Edy (drums). (ANTARA/HO) batampos- The legendary band Stinky has released another single titled “Pesonamu”. In the new album, at the same time with a new formation namely Irwan (vocals and bass), Nano (guitar) and Edy (drums). Irwan said “Pesonamu” is a song that tells of a man who has never […]

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A total of 1,452 units, here are the number and brands of electric vehicles used at the G20 Summit in Bali

November 6, 2022 kuramanime 0

JABARNEWS JAKARTA – The G20 Summit in Bali is already in a matter of days. A number of related parties have already made preparations. Including the police who will be deployed to secure this international-class moment. The G20 Summit is believed to be a momentum for the development of electric cars in Indonesia. To support the implementation of the event which was attended by 20 countries, the government has prepared a number of […]

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This is the difference between low back pain due to pinched nerves and ordinary pain

November 1, 2022 kuramanime 0

Back pain illustration. (Pexels) batampos– There are more and more people suffering from pinched nerves these days. A pinched nerve is a dangerous condition that is usually characterized by pain in certain areas of the body, including the waist area. Even so, some people still find it difficult to distinguish normal back pain from dangerous ones. Moreover, quoting from the Mayo Clinic states that around 80 percent have […]

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Here’s How to Increase Vitamin D in the Rainy Season

October 20, 2022 kuramanime 0

Illustration of foods rich in vitamin D. (IStock/dreamsfolklore) batampos- For those of us who live in Indonesia, getting vitamin D is very easy because it is enough to bask in the morning sun for 10 to 30 minutes a day. However, this becomes difficult to do, considering the weather conditions are often cloudy and even rainy so that there is little […]