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Economic Expert: Thrifting Can Lose the State, Here’s the Explanation

March 16, 2023 kuramanime 0

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – An economist from Pasundan University (Unpas) Bandung, Acuviarta Kartabi, spoke about the phenomenon of importing used goods or thrifting. Acuviarta said that thrifting could harm the state in terms of unpaid import taxes. In addition, trifting can also have a major impact on the textile industry. Moreover, continued Acuviarta, Indonesia is one of the countries with […]

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It turns out that SMART and OBEY can reduce obesity

March 4, 2023 kuramanime 0

batampos – To reduce obesity rates in children and adults, it is necessary to encourage the movement against obesity by being SMART and COMPATIBLE. “The movement against obesity can be carried out by being smart, namely regular health checks, getting rid of cigarette smoke, a balanced diet, adequate rest, and managing stress. And if you are already obese, people are expected to carry out the PATUH movement, namely routine health checks, […]

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Guarantee Public Safety, Police in Purwakarta Do This

February 12, 2023 kuramanime 0

JABARNEWS | PURWAKARTA – Efforts to create security and order in the community continue to be carried out by the Purwakarta Resort Police (Polres). Enhanced Routine Police Patrols (KRYD) continued to be intensified by the commanding officer, AKBP Edwar Zulkarnain, at night until early in the morning. Purwakarta Police Chief, AKBP Edwar Zulkarnain said, the patrol was targeting the presence of motorcycle gangs, gunmen, alcohol […]