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Questioning Four Tasikmalaya City Government ASNs Positive for Drugs, MUI: Very Shameful!

March 21, 2023 kuramanime 0

JABARNEWS | TASIKMALAYA – The Tasikmalaya City Council of Indonesian Ulemas (MUI) opened its voice regarding the arrest of four ASNs for being positive for methamphetamine-type drugs. Tasikmalaya City MUI Secretary KH Aminudin Bustomi said that the arrest of four ASNs for drug cases was something that was shameful and disgusting. According to him, currently Tasikmalaya’s drug emergency is not a figment of the imagination. Therefore, […]

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PSI Bandung City Optimists Can Get 7 Seats, Here’s How

March 12, 2023 kuramanime 0

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – Chairman of the DPD PSI Bandung City Yoel Yosaphat is optimistic that the number of seats in the 2024 General Election (Election) can increase to 4 seats. PSI Bandung City is targeting 7 seats for the Bandung City DPRD or all electoral districts (dapils) to be filled. “Talking about the seat targets for the 2024 Pileg, Bandung City PSI hopes that all electoral districts (Dapils) […]

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Lack of Sleep Risk of Obesity

March 9, 2023 kuramanime 0

batampos– Lack of sleep, especially in people of productive age, is associated with the risk of developing obesity later in life. “In fact, less sleep in productive age can be associated with more cravings. Later, if cravings arise, the excess calories will become obese, “said clinical nutrition expert Dr. Eva Kurniawati, M. Gizi, Sp. GK who is a member of the Association of Clinical Nutrition Specialists […]

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A week, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Reveals 4 Cases of Attention from the Chief of Police and the Head of Regional Police

March 7, 2023 kuramanime 0

Head of Barelang Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Kompol Budi Hartono revealed 4 cases during his one week in office. Photo: Barelang Police Public Relations for Batam Batam post – Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) Barelang Police in this week succeeded in uncovering 4 cases. The case that was revealed was the attention of the Kapolresta, Kapolda Kepri and Kapolri. These cases include the misappropriation of subsidized diesel fuel, gambling […]