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Zodiac Turns Influence on Shopping Style

November 30, 2022 kuramanime 0

Illustration of shopping. (Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels) batampos – For the zodiac predictions this December, the e-commerce platform Shopee together with Foxglove Soulwork astrologer Çanti Widyadhari share information about predictions of shopping styles according to the zodiac and recommendations for suitable products. “Each person has different luck, one of which is allegedly predictable from the respective zodiac that is determined […]

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Soon Google Messages Can Reply Messages with Emoji

November 26, 2022 kuramanime 0

Illustration of the Google Messages application ( batampos- Google continues to adapt its application to the times. Most recently, Google is testing the feature of replying to text messages with emojis on the SMS sending application on Android, Google Messages. The 9to5Google page on Wednesday (23/11) local time reported that the feature of replying to messages with emojis can be used for SMS and Rich Communication Services (RCS), aka […]