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Once Cheated on, Aaliyah Massaid Enjoys Study & Work Period

February 26, 2023 kuramanime 0

Aaliyah Massaid (Instagram/@Aaliyah.Massaid ) batampos – Aaliyah Annisa Jeffar Massaid is enjoying her time working in the entertainment world. He tried various things, from acting, singing, to becoming an internet and television celebrity. Regarding romance, the second daughter of the late Adjie Massaid and singer Reza Artamevia admitted that they were single. Not because I want to focus on pursuing a career or education, but because of the trauma that […]

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Rizal Djibran Is Called to Have Sexual Deviance More Than 1 Time

February 17, 2023 kuramanime 0

Rizal Djibran Married to Sarah (Instagram @rizaldjibran_) batampos – Colossal soap opera actor Rizal Djibran, 45, is said to have committed sexual deviation more than 1 time. It is known that Sarah, 30, officially reported her husband, Rizal Djibran to Polda Metro Jaya regarding the alleged crime of domestic violence (KDRT) and also allegations of sexual violence. The report was made on Monday, […]

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2 BUMDes in Karimun Participate in National BUMDes PH

January 29, 2023 kuramanime 0

batampos– Two Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) in Karimun will take part in the 2023 National BUMDes Commemoration (PH) which will be held in Bintan Regency on Thursday (2/2/2023) by the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration. “Alhamdulillah, from Karimun we will include two BUMDes. Namely, Pangke Barat BUMDes, Meral Barat District, which is the only developed BUMDes in […]