Chicken Egg Prices Still High, Food Vendors Complain

Egg Prices Rise ff Faith Wachyudi
Egg prices in a number of markets in Batam have increased. F. Iman Wachyudi

batampos – The price of free-range chicken eggs in Batam is still high, up to IDR 55 thousand per board. This condition is also a lot of complaints from the community, especially food sellers.

Tanti, a food vendor who sells breakfast in the Botania area, is quite overwhelmed by the surge in the prices of a number of commodities. Especially for the price of eggs that never fell to Rp. 54 thousand per board.

“Not to mention expensive chili, eggs are also expensive. How do you want to return your investment if everything is so expensive, there are losses. Eggs are still IDR 54 thousand per board,” said Tanti

Therefore, he hopes that there will be efforts from the government to suppress prices, especially for eggs that have been rising for a long time.

“He said after Eid he went down, only went down for a while, then went up again. We who sell this food are stressed whether we want to increase the price or not. Afraid of customers running away because it’s too expensive,” said Tanti.

Batam Pos’s observation, the price of eggs in Batam markets such as Botania Batamcenter and Mustafa, the price of eggs per board is sold around Rp. 53-55 thousand. As for 1 pack of 10 eggs, around Rp. 19-20 thousand.

“The eggs are still high, they haven’t gone down,” said Eli, a food vendor at Botania.

The Head of Batam City Distributor Association, Aryanto said, the price of free-range chicken eggs from Medan has started to fall. The price is around IDR 47 thousand per board for a small size, and IDR 49 thousand for a rather large size.

“It’s gone down, it’s just that the price is different. The big ones are usually from Barelang, while from Medan there are small and medium ones,” added Aryanto.

Aryanto explained that the price of eggs in the supply area of ​​Medan is still high, due to the increase in the price of animal feed. His party has also made efforts so that the profits obtained are not too large.

“Distributors have put pressure on egg prices so they don’t rise too high,” Aryanto concluded. (*)

Reporter : Yashinta