Chili Prices Will Drop Soon

Red Chili Curly f Faith Wachyudi
Illustration. One of the traders raised curly red chilies. The government will issue subsidies to control chili prices in producing areas and it is estimated that chili prices will decrease gradually in the next two weeks. Photo: Dalil Harahap/Batam Pos

batampos – Chili prices in Batam City are expected to fall in the next two weeks. Head of the Batam City Food and Agriculture Security Service (DKPP), Mardanis, said the government had taken steps to control the increase in a number of basic commodities.

The government, he said, would issue subsidies to control chili prices in producing areas.

“That’s the information we received. So if there is a subsidy, it is hoped that the price will go down immediately. Because the government has already lowered it directly. So prices can return to normal,” he said.

Mardanis expects the prices of some vegetables and others to fall in the next two weeks.

He hopes that crop yields in producing areas will be better, so that it will also have an impact on prices in Batam.

“This subsidy helps chili farmers in producing areas. So the price can be lowered later. So it’s no longer expensive as it is now,” said the former Head of the Batam City Population and Civil Registration Service.

In addition to providing subsidies, farmers in Java, Mataram and Jogja will enter the harvest season. With this abundant harvest, the price is guaranteed to be cheaper.

In addition, chili distribution subsidies from farmers to destination areas including Batam.

Currently, the Ministry of Agriculture provides subsidies for chili distribution to maintain the stability of the community’s food supply.

Mardanis admits that in some areas prices have also increased, so price stability is the main focus of the central government.

“Batam because there is no agricultural land, so there is also no program that can be implemented here. For that, we really hope that the program rolled out in producing areas will really have an impact on receiving areas such as Batam,” he said.

Currently the price of cayenne pepper (devil) in several traditional markets has increased in price since the last few weeks.

The price of devil chili was monitored from IDR 95 thousand per kilogram to IDR 120 thousand, an increase of 35 percent since the beginning of last June.

Curly red chili is IDR 100,000 per kilogram, previously IDR 85 thousand per kilogram and green chili IDR 85 thousand per kilogram previously IDR 65 thousand per kilogram.

Traders at Mega Legenda Market, Panjaitan explained, previously the price of red chili was Rp. 85 thousand per kilogram, but now the price of red chili is Rp. 100 thousand per kilogram.

Meanwhile, the supply of local green chilies in Batam is Rp. 45 thousand had been exhausted, so the traders switched to selling green chilies from Medan at a price of Rp. 75 thousand rupiah per kilogram.(*)

Journalists: Yulitavia