Coordinating Minister Airlangga: By Working Together, We Will Be Able To Restore The National Economy

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto. (jpg)

batampos – Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto emphasized that the government’s various efforts to promote economic recovery require the role and cooperation of all stakeholders. Coordinating Minister Airlangga invited the public to continue to be optimistic and optimize their role in their respective sectors.

This is to contribute to economic recovery which in turn can create jobs and reduce poverty. In particular, Airlangga acknowledged the very important role of the media in realizing optimism for social stability in society.

“By working together, we will be able to restore the national economy and become a shock absorber from various upheavals. I hope that we all continue to work together to create optimism for Indonesia in the future,” said Coordinating Minister Airlangga, Monday (15/8/2022).

The chairman of the DPP Golkar Party added that this cooperation has begun to show positive results, because the national economy continues to show optimism and success.

The reason is, the national economy has managed to grow above 5 percent in the last three quarters. In fact, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) stated that Indonesia’s economic growth reached 5.44 percent (yoy) in Q2 2022.

Airlangga emphasized that this positive achievement is the result of the policies taken by the government. Among other things, by supporting the manufacturing and export sectors.

This positive performance is also supported by controlled inflation, namely as of July 2022, Indonesia’s inflation was 4.94 percent. This figure is better than the United States which reached 8.5 percent, Germany 7.5 percent, and France which reached 6.1 percent.

“In the midst of rising energy prices, Indonesia is still subsidizing or utilizing its fiscal strength to absorb some of the rising food and energy prices. While other countries do “pass-through” which means energy prices are transmitted to the public,” said Airlangga.

Airlangga, who is also the Chairman of the Committee for Handling the Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN), said the government was still allocating a budget for the Handling of Covid-19 and the National Economic Recovery of IDR 455.6 trillion in 2022.

This budget is intended to restore the economy and also encourage extreme poverty alleviation programs. Meanwhile, the APBN as a whole is directed to be a shock absorber.

The government also continues to prioritize and maintain people’s purchasing power because most of Indonesia’s economy also depends on public consumption.

Coordinating Minister Airlangga also explained that the government continues to maintain and encourage recovery in various sectors which are currently the driving force. Namely the industrial sector, the trade sector, the information and communication sector, and the agricultural sector. (*)