Crowded About NasDrun, Gus Choi: There are Envy and Envy

Senior NasDem politician Ahmad Effendy Choirie aka Gus Choi (Special)< / figcaption>

batampos – NasDem Party senior politician Ahmad Effendy Choirie alias Gus Choi responded to the mention of NasDrun after his party declared Anies Baswedan a presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election. For Nasdem, said Gus Choi, Anies Baswedan was the best choice his party in the 2024 General Election.

“Whatever they say, good or bad, it’s their destiny. NasDem will continue to run and run, even running according to his beliefs and political choices. After that, please let the people vote and we will prove the results of the 2024 election,” Gus Choi told reporters, Tuesday (10/10).

Gus Choi emphasized that anyone, including his party, cannot force other people’s political paths. He also realized that he couldn’t get everyone to like his party’s policies.

Nevertheless, press Gus Choi, Nasdem will remain firm in its decision to carry Anies at the 2024 democratic party.

“It’s okay (Nasdrun said), in this life not all good people can be found. There must be people who are nosy, jealous, envious, envious, arrogant, slanderous, knowing, etc. the color of the world. Everything has consequences “A positive narrative is a reflection of the hearts and minds of the person or group concerned. And vice versa. Therefore, for Nasdem there is no problem,” said Gus Choi.

As is well known, the term ‘Nasdrun’ was buzzing on social media after Anies Baswedan was declared by the NasDem Party as a presidential candidate for 2024. The term arose allegedly from a group that did not like Anies Baswedan. (*)

Reporter: JP Group