Cyber ​​Patrol, Spread Hoaxes Ahead of Presidential Election, Social Media Accounts Taken Down

Bareskrim Collaborates with the Ministry of Communication and Information to Prioritize Education Steps – Ahead of the 2024 Election, there has been an increase in activity on social media. Writings that are provocative to hoaxes are increasingly spreading. That was one of the findings of the Dittipid Cyber ​​​​Bareskrim Polri Headquarters during cyber patrols.

Head of Sub Directorate I Dittipid Cyber​​Bareskrim Kombespol Reinhard Hutagaol said, cyberpatrol detected an increase in pro and cons related to the 2024 presidential election. Officials monitor all of these phenomena. “However, the blocking of accounts that are confirmed to have committed a crime is only at the Ministry of Communication and Information,” he explained.

Dittipid Cyber ​​tries to find a middle point. So that freedom of expression is not restricted, the spread of hoax and provocative information is also not rampant. “This strategy is being pursued,” he explained. He said the National Police would prioritize preventive efforts. “Education and outreach are necessary to use social media properly,” he explained.

When finding hoaxes being spread, officers will provide education. Thus, the public is not trapped in the spread of this misinformation. “Don’t even spread it,” he explained. He emphasized that law enforcement is the last step taken by the authorities. After education and socialization, of course, the hoax spreaders were given a warning. “If it’s still outreach, of course the last step is law enforcement,” he explained.

However, law enforcement and strict sanctions are prioritized for information containing SARA. This is because the issue of SARA has great destructive power in society. It can make the relationship heat up and lead to real conflict.

Karopenmas Divhumas Polri Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadan said the Polri and the Ministry of Communication and Information had an agreement. One of them is to delete accounts that spread SARA and cause division in society. “Quickly we can process the take down,” he explained.

Ahead of the 2024 presidential election, social media will certainly be used as a black campaign tool. Hoaxes, slander and hate speech are often used to attack political opponents. This phenomenon keeps repeating in every presidential election.