Dare to Dispose of Garbage Carelessly in Bekasi Regency, Get Ready to be Fined Rp. 50 Million

JABARNEWS | BEKASI – The acting Regent of Bekasi, Dani Ramdan, said that he would impose strict sanctions on companies and residents who litter. No kidding, the sanction is in the form of a fine of up to IDR 50 million.

It was explained that the sanction was a form of discipline for unscrupulous companies and residents who often littered. In addition, as a deterrent effect so that it does not happen again in the future.

“I want to catch companies that violate. If the community is reprimanded once or twice, if we meet again later, we will use a regional regulation of Rp. 50 million or 3 months in prison,” he said, Friday (10/6/2022).

Dani continued, his party will also continue to carry out socialization related to littering activities. In fact, his party has carried out patrols in several locations.

“But if the company is caught, I will immediately apply local regulations. We have been on night patrols for two to three days, but no one has been arrested because he escaped,” he said, as reported by pmjnews.com.

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