Dee Releases the Song “Grief”, Summary of Life’s Sadness Phases – JAKARTA, Musician and novelist Dewi Lestari, or better known as Dee, encapsulates deep feelings of sadness through a song called “Sorrow”.

“Grief” expresses the feeling when humans are fragile and want to surrender completely to sadness. This song is an experience that everyone universally experiences, a moment when those who grieve are expected to be strong and steadfast.

Dee said all humans will experience feelings of deep grief. Therefore, he created “Grief” to appreciate the phases of grief, as well as the process of healing humans from grief itself.

Dee wrote “Grief” very quickly and smoothly, in just one day. The song was completed on 21 July 2022, four days before Dee Lestari’s husband, Reza Gunawan, fell ill.

“Reza has had time to write chords, record basic piano, but has not had time to make a demo. He once said, ‘I now know how you feel when I’m not around’, said Dee as quoted by Antara, Friday (25/11).

When Reza finally died, Dee felt he had to turn it into a recording work. He immediately contacted Andi Rianto to make final arrangements.

Dee was also assisted by Ifa Fachir to make a demo. The strings session was recorded live by Ava Victoria at Studio 168 with Fay Ismail and vocal director and A&R Trinity Optima Production, Barsena Bestandhi.

This song also features clarinet by Andreas Arianto, who also provided clarinet for Reza’s song “Always Here”. While the mixing was done by Stevano and the mastering was done by Dimas Pradipta and finally the photo art was done by Davy Linggar.

“They are all good friends and have worked with Reza. So, I feel that the process of working on ‘Grief’ was not only very smooth, but also very personal,” said Dee.

The music video for “Meduka” was directed by Prialangga and is available in black and white. The figure of Dee is shown entering a house with many people in it, ranging from small children to the elderly, each with their own activities.

Dee hopes that the song “Grief” can help the healing process of those who are beset by grief so that they will return strong and steadfast.

“Grief is everyone’s experience. I hope this song can be friends while they are there. Hopefully the song ‘Grief’ can express what is difficult to express when grief hits,” said the author of the book “Rapijali”. (*)