Duh, because of not paying debts of Rp. 1.3 million, the house of Garut residents was knocked down by moneylenders

JABARNEWS GARUT – The invitation must lose his house. The 47-year-old man’s house was torn down by a loan shark and several of his servants. Although very simple, the house is the only inheritance from his parents that he lives with his family.

According to TribunNews.com, UU’s house is located in Haurseah Village, Cipicung Village, Banyuresmi District, Garut Regency, West Java. He lives in a very simple house with his wife and 10 year old son.

However, now his house has been razed to the ground. Let alone thinking about repairing the house, even for food needs he is already very difficult. Understandably, so far, Invite only works part-time.

The law also tells why his house can be torn down by loan sharks. This incident began when he borrowed Rp 1.3 million from a loan shark. From the loan, Law is charged an interest of IDR 350 per month if he is late in paying the arrears.

Acknowledged by Law, he uses borrowed money to meet his daily needs. Initially, he could still pay interest. But lately it seems Invite can no longer pay.

He and his family then went to Bandung to look for work. While in Bandung, Invite worked to help other people’s barbershops. While his wife works as a household assistant (ART). Because they were still small, their only child was also taken to Bandung.

Illustration of a Garut house demolished by loan sharks. (photo: special)

Even though he and his wife are already working, it seems that Invite can’t pay his debts. Understandably, he and his wife’s income is only enough for daily meals.

While in Bandung, Law never communicated with moneylenders who lent him money. Understandably, Law does not have a cell phone like the general public.

One day, September 10, 2022, Invite decided to go home. Arriving at his hometown, he was surprised by the condition of his house that had been razed to the ground.

He then sought information from neighbors regarding the condition of his house. As a result, the house was apparently torn down by the moneylenders and some of their envoys. At first, the neighbors thought the loan sharks broke into the owner’s house with the owner’s knowledge.

“When it was torn down, my wife and I were no longer there. When I got home, I saw that the house was flat. My wife is crying, my child is crying,” said Law, quoted from Tribunjabar.id, Saturday (17/9/2022).

Law, who was shocked to see his house razed to the ground, admitted that he couldn’t do much. However, on the advice of his neighbors, Invite then reported the incident to the Garut Police Headquarters. He hopes that the calamity that befell him can be accounted for before the law.

Illustration of a Garut house demolished by loan sharks. (photo: special)

Meanwhile, Law’s neighbor, Teguh, said that UU’s house was torn down by the perpetrator with the initials A. In carrying out the action, A was assisted by several of his envoys. There were at least nine people who helped tear down UU’s house.

“Witnessed by A. At the time of the incident, he said ‘don’t interfere’,” said Teguh.

It’s not enough, it was later discovered that the Act also received threats from the perpetrators. On that basis, a number of students who are members of the Barisan Santri (Basjab) of West Java, decided to hide the law in a safe place. Meanwhile, Ajak’s wife and children are still in Bandung.

“Because there was terror, Mr. Invite us to evacuate to a safe place first. He also needs a comfortable atmosphere, sorry he hasn’t rested yet,” said the Secretary General of the West Java Santri Barisan (Basjab), Yudi Arief.

According to Yudi, since the beginning his party has provided space and assistance to victims, especially regarding legal aid. “We take care of it first. This is to prevent unwanted things. This is also a program from Basjab,” he said

On a separate occasion, the Head of Cipicung Village, Uban Setiawan said, Invite is in a tired condition so he needs to rest. Since the rise of these cases, many parties have provided assistance to Law.

“Thank God there is help from people who care about Mr. Law, including legal assistance to accompany him,” he said. (red)

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