Durian Pak Bozz, Satisfy Durian Lovers in Batam

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Visitors enjoy durian at Pak Bozz’s Durian stall, Thursday (9/6). (F. Juanda)

batampos – Pak Bozz’s Durian is one of the destinations for durian lovers in Batam. The location of the durian shop, which is located not far from Elisabeth Hospital, Batamkota, is very satisfying for durian lovers. Because according to the motto of Pak Bozz’s Durian stall.

“There is a guarantee that durian, if sour, raw, rotten and tasteless, can be exchanged. Because we want to give satisfaction to durian buyers here,” said the manager of Warung Durian Pak Bozz, Erwin, Friday (10/6).

Because of this motto, Erwin admits that his durians are selling well. He admits, in a week, he eats around 1,500 durians. “So that month, 6 thousand durian grains. I feel durian in Batam is quite expensive. Therefore, I want people to taste durian, but feel the satisfaction of eating it. Because I’ve had a bad experience, eating durian but it’s not ‘bad,’ Erwin said.

He provides various types of durian, ranging from durian kampung, montong thailand, ganghai, d13, d24, red shrimp, black thorn, bawor and king mongoose. “The price per kilo varies. Starting from Rp. 30,000 per kilogram to Rp. 400,000 per kilogram,” said Erwin.

Pak Bozz’s Durian stall is open from 11.00 to 24.00. Erwin admitted, people are busy buying durian in the afternoon and after sunset. “We also provide sticky rice or sticky rice, then there are also peeled durian, serabi, green bean porridge, durian soup and durian ice,” he said.

This Friday, said Erwin. there is an all-you-can-eat program. People can eat as much durian as they want, only by paying Rp. 100 thousand. “This program will definitely continue, but the timing is uncertain. You can follow our Instagram. The all you can eat program some time ago, there was a woman who managed to eat 17 durians,” said Erwin.

all you can eat program, said Erwin, cannot be timed. Because it depends on the supply of durian.

To the public, Erwin gave a little secret. It is said that a ripe durian when hit with a blunt object will make a slightly louder sound.

“That’s the sound of a bag begging for a bag. But if the sound is loud it’s still raw. Each durian has a different characteristic, the Tanjung Batu durian has small and tight thorns, while the Kampung Durian has large thorns, while the Musang King Durian has small thorns, but the color is bright green,” said the man who also loves automotive. (*)