Electricity Meter and Internet Network Struck by Lightning, Services at Bintan Disdukcapil Stopped

A resident saw an electricity meter at the Bintan Disdukcapil office which was struck by lightning, Thursday (9/6). F.Slamet Nofasusanto

batampos– Population administration services at the Department of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) Bintan Buyu, Bintan have stopped. This happened after the electricity meter and office internet network were struck by lightning, Tuesday (7/6).

“It’s true, two days ago we were struck by lightning,” said the Acting Head of the Bintan Disdukcapil Directorate General, Dwe Yulianto at his office, Bintan Buyu, Thursday (9/6) afternoon.

This Bintan Disdukcapil administrative analyst said that not only electricity was struck by lightning, but the internet network was also affected.

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As a result of this incident, the population administration service at the Bintan Disdukcapil office has had problems since Wednesday (8/6).

“If people come to take care of their residency documents, we accept them but we ask them to leave a number so they can be contacted again,” said Dwe.

Dwe said that currently electricians and internet network technicians are repairing electricity and networks that were struck by lightning.

“Hopefully we can serve again tomorrow,” hoped Dwe. (*)

journalist: Slamet