Enjoying Old Age with Golf, Strengthen Arm Muscles & Raise Your Spirit

Kurian Vegal Varughese. (NARENDRA/JAWA POS)

batampos – Golf knows no age. Those who have entered old age also enjoy it. There are many reasons why they continue to play golf. Among other things, strengthening the arm muscles and raising enthusiasm for yourself. It could be, golf is a sport that is quite unique.

Exercise does not require movements that are too fast and hard. Therefore, golf does not burden the joints and muscles. It just takes consistent and regular movement. Golf is very easy for the imagination that has entered its old age. The rhythm of golf is also not too fast.

Golf can be played while relaxing. They beat, then walked from hole to hole. While passing through the hole, they can also chat with their partners. This gives a positive feel.

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“Especially when our opponents are young, there are challenges in their own right,” said Kurian Vegal Varughese, a golfer aged over 70 years. He has been addicted to golf for a long time.

The perceived benefits are quite large. Arm muscles remain strong and body flexibility is also maintained. The atmosphere and views of the field and the green golf course can add comfort. A relaxed rhythm can minimize pressure so golfers don’t get stressed easily.

Kurian said that he is currently 89 years old. Golf is ingrained in his life. He has played golf wherever he has been for more than half his life. This grandfather of two children and four grandchildren has known golf since childhood.

While working in New Delhi, India, he played with his boss in the US. Likewise, when he entered Indonesia in March 1975, Kurian was already registered as a member of two golf clubhouses. Namely, Finna Golf and Taman Dayu Golf Club & Resort

Besides Kurian, there is Deddy Suhajadi, Chairman of the East Java Province PGI Pengprov. Even though he is over 70 years old, he still plays golf. Deddy also often competes with young golfers.

The challengeis more power than the punches. Usually, he competes with golfers in their 60s. As a result, he is still able to record shots as far as 190–200 meters

According to him, strength in golf is not determined by age. But from the intensity of the exercise. “Because golf is very sensitive. If I don’t hold the stick for one day, the feeling will be different,” he said

Competition between golfers is also not like ordinary sports. Rarely does anyone get caught up in emotions. Instead, laughter often colored in the middle of the field. Between golfers also encourage each other. A sense of friendship and kinship emerges when playing these sports.(*)

Reporters: jpgroup