Epistemic Dialogue Degree, Paramadina University Students Criticize Campus Role

JABARNEWS JAKARTA – The Philosophy and Religion Student Association (Paramasophia) Universitas Paramadina held an Epistemic Dialogue (Detik) event with the theme ‘Educational Liberation: Educated People as Market Commodities’ on Tuesday, (25 /10) /2022).

This activity which took place at the Paramadina University Jakarta campus was carried out in order to restore the actual form of the campus as an alternative factory of ideas and innovations for the wider community.

Three speakers were presented, namely Ari Matua (President of BEM TAU 2021), Hema Malini (Resistance), and M. Fathi Naufal (Chairman of HIMAHI Paramadina University). This theme is a concern, because the current campus is considered to have capital and is used as a tutor for corporations. Meanwhile, the educated are only used as objects of sale and their orientation is to satisfy market desires.

“The campus is the tutor for the company. Students are encouraged to be busy studying with the aim of answering lecture questions, where do you want to work, “said Ari Matua opening the dialogue.

According to him, lecture activities should be able to make students think critically and be able to change the system for the better. “At least we (students) participate, even though the impact is small by critically initiating knowledge and publishing studies obtained on campus,” he said.

In line with this thought, Fathi Naufal added that graduates produced by universities are required to be able to meet the global market. “Private universities in particular, offer tuition fees at high prices. But the result is not to make students free, but to fulfill the global market and regenerate companies,” he said.

Paramadina University Students
Philosophy and Religion Student Association (Detik Paramasophia) after holding a discussion at Paramadina University. (photo: special)

Meanwhile, Hema Malini stated that the graduates produced by the campus are still far from ideal. “Freedom is limited and narrowed to the fulfillment of market commodities,” he said

“The campus is a supplier of obedient and skilled labor, even though the graduates are underpaid,” he added.

Hema Malini also added that with such an education system, there is an accumulation of scholars waiting for capitalist market selection without a clear job orientation.

In the discussion forum, the speakers agreed that the campus must be able to produce graduates who generate new ideas, dedicate their thoughts to progress, and not only become the company’s production engine.

For this reason, there needs to be a liberalization of the education system, starting from equal distribution of opportunity and access to education by fixing the flow of subsidies and scholarships, opening up scientific research space, freeing education from the feudal system that supports the oligarchy and running the people’s education system. (red)

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